Sunday, 15 November 2009

Roasted Partridge with Roasted Carrots and Redcurrant Sauce.

I love this time of year food-wise generally, but I particularly love the variety of meat we're offered when the colder weather draws in and the leaves are turning golden. There's autumn lamb, pheasant, venison, beautiful duck, and what we decided on last week, partridge. We popped in to the butchers at the end of the day on Sunday looking for something a bit different, and settled on a couple of partridges. They were inexpensive and ideal for a quick meal, as they are so dainty and cook in no time at all - just under thirty minutes in the oven after searing. We had fairly simple vegetables with them, roasted carrots (mmmmm, I loooove roasred carrots, really sweet and caramelised, delicious!), and some lovely boiled new potatoes and cabbage. We also had a simple redcurrant sauce with it, which was just some sweated onions and garlic, redcurrant jelly, a splash of red wine and a little stock.

A lovely quick dinner that took all of 40 minutes, and beautiful meat that needed nothing much done to it for a deeply satisfying Sunday night meal.
Just a short blog post this week, I'll be back soon with what I hope are some more delicious cooking exploits!


  1. Patridge, how lovely. Game birds can be so dry, but the one here looks plump and juicy. I was given 4 wild ducks last week, it took me two days to pluck up (scuse the pun!)the courage to prep them.

  2. Ah, roast partridge.Love it.

    Try it with a little chinese five spice over the bird while roasting.

    five spice is great with any game

  3. Wish I'd followed your recipe when we ate partridge at the weekend - we had to keep putting the birds back in the oven because they weren't done! Will remember that you cooked yours for just under 30 mins (we did ours for 15!)


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