Thursday, 6 August 2009

Into the Great Wide Open

Since I began thinking about starting this blog, I’ve had Tom Petty’s ‘Into the Great Wide Open’ stuck in my head. Pretty apt I think you’ll agree. ‘Out in the great wide open, A rebel without a clue’. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a rebel, (I’m fairly mainstream to be honest, I’m pretty much a Jack Wills and Gap type of girl) but I am now in the great wide open, totally and utterly without a clue.

Here is where it all begins, my notes and scribbles, thoughts and ponderings, trials and tribulations from the kitchen written down for anybody to see. They are no longer kept locked up tight in my own little world, where thoughts of dainty cupcakes, creamy frosting, soothing apple pie (or any pie for that matter), comforting freshly baked bread, sticky jams and all manner of other delightful treats swirl around in my mind and keep me day-dreaming all day.
But first, before I dive head first into caking, baking and generally making a mess of my kitchen and telling you about the results, let me explain a little how I got to this point, and why I have decided to (hopefully) entertain and interest you with lots of yummy recipes. I’ve always loved cooking and eating (who doesn’t enjoy eating?!?!) mostly thanks to my Dad, who taught me a LOT of what I’ve learnt over the last few years, and so after I finished my A-levels, I hopped on a plane and landed in the Swiss Alps, all set to whip up a bevy of delights for guests who were staying in my chalet. I spent four months cooking breakfasts, afternoon tea and three-course meals for the guests, as well as a spot of skiing in between! This, dear readers, is where I think my obsession with food and cooking began (cooking for others especially, I love providing delicious meals for people – food always makes people happy doesn’t it?!). My Dad and I spent the month before I left trying out the recipes, seeing what worked and what needed tweaking, and let me tell you, it was one of the most enjoyable months of my life.

After my adventure in the mountains, I came back and started a degree.

It did not go to plan.

I still had that hankering to work with food which would just not go away, and so after a year, I decided to leave my course and start working full time in a restaurant. The obsession develops. I learnt an invaluable amount working in the pastry section there, and had an amazing experience working in a professional kitchen. However, I decided after a year that working in the kitchen of a restaurant was not for me. I left and began an English Literature degree, and that brings us up to date!

So, with a passion for food (and talking about food), while studying English, what’s a girl to do? Start a blog of course!

And so this is the beginning. I plan on cooking as much as I possibly can and telling you all about it, let’s get started!!


  1. Looking forward to the first recipe - I'll definitely enjoy reading it, I might even try making it!

  2. You've been busy! All this and birthday celebrations too! Sounds delicious.....


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